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Aspall Cyder Hedgerow Recipes - Samphire

Posted on 21st Jul 2015 by Polly Robinson in Cook & Eat

Wild Food Expert Jon Tyler tells the tale of two common coastal plants Samphire and Sea Purslane and recommends ways to preserve the taste of summer.
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Sepp Blatter - my part in his downfall

Posted on 15th Jul 2015 by Henry Chevallier Guild in Henry's Travels

It was around 8.30 that I knew something was up. It was the Wednesday evening Brazil were playing Germany in the World Cup. My wife received a text from a girlfriend which simply read “Oh my God are you watching this?” Watching what, I thought; it had to be the game surely, something incredible must have been happening. And so as it turned out, it was.
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Aspall Cyder Hedgerow Recipes - Elderflower Champagne

Posted on 15th Jul 2015 by Polly Robinson in Cook & Eat

In this beautiful warm early summer the hedgerows around the orchards have been burgeoning with blossom - wild rose, elder and brambles. Here our local wild food expert Jon Tyler shares his ideas for capturing the wonderful scents of elderflower.
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Abergavenny Food Festival - Win an Exclusive visit to Aspall

Posted on 14th Jul 2015 by Polly Robinson in Cook And Eat

The Abergavenny Food Festival is one of the UK's leading food festivals and we're excited to give our support for the first time this year! To kick off we're offering a chance to win an exclusive tour of Aspall, lunch with Barry Chevallier Guild and a two night stay at the luxurious Kesgrave Hall Hotel near Woodbridge.
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MD, Des Smith wins Director of the Year at the EADT Business Awards 2015

Posted on 10th Jul 2015 by Polly Robinson in 1728-2028

The East Anglian Daily Times Business Awards is an annual celebration of Suffolk businesses. In 2014 we won Family Business of the Year as well as overall Business in the Year and this year we returned to tell the Aspall story as well as to pick up another award.
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New York in the the Spring - my 5 favourite bars in Brookyn

Posted on 22nd Jun 2015 by Henry Chevallier Guild in Henry's Travels

Do you ever remember at school being shown an image similar to the one above and being asked to read out what it says?
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