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Hedgerow Recipes - Elderflower

Posted on 6th Oct 2015 by Polly Robinson in Cook And Eat

Wild food expert and guest blogger, Jon Tyler, on how to slowly transform the unloved elderberry into a rich, piquant sauce - Pontack - which is delicious to serve with meat, particularly game or used as a marinade.
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Simple dressings to liven up salad leaves

Posted on 28th Jul 2015 by Polly Robinson in Cook & Eat

Many a limp leaf has been drowned in bland, gloopy sauce in the name of salad dressing. But all you need are a few simple ingredients added to good quality oil and vinegar to raise up your rocket, lift your lambs lettuce, pimp your peashoots, or augment your arugula.
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Aspall Cyder Hedgerow Recipes - Samphire

Posted on 21st Jul 2015 by Polly Robinson in Cook & Eat

Wild Food Expert Jon Tyler tells the tale of two common coastal plants Samphire and Sea Purslane and recommends ways to preserve the taste of summer.
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Abergavenny Food Festival - Win an Exclusive visit to Aspall

Posted on 14th Jul 2015 by Polly Robinson in Cook & Eat

The Abergavenny Food Festival is one of the UK's leading food festivals and we're excited to give our support for the first time this year! To kick off we're offering a chance to win an exclusive tour of Aspall, lunch with Barry Chevallier Guild and a two night stay at the luxurious Kesgrave Hall Hotel near Woodbridge.
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MD, Des Smith wins Director of the Year at the EADT Business Awards 2015

Posted on 10th Jul 2015 by Polly Robinson in 1728-2028

The East Anglian Daily Times Business Awards is an annual celebration of Suffolk businesses. In 2014 we won Family Business of the Year as well as overall Business in the Year and this year we returned to tell the Aspall story as well as to pick up another award.
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Guild of Food Writers Awards 2015

Posted on 12th Jun 2015 by Polly Robinson in 1728-2028

Each year the country’s top food and drink writers, journalists and broadcasters come together to celebrate the best in the business. Aspall were delighted to support the Awards for the second time this year sponsoring the the Michael Smith Award for Work on British Food.
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Win a Heritage Holiday

Posted on 10th Apr 2015 by Polly Robinson in Cyder House

We've teamed up with Cottage Holidays for a chance to win a Heritage Holiday!
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Cyder at Christmas!

Posted on 19th Dec 2014 by Polly Robinson in Cook & Eat

Make your Christmas a far more British affair this year. Switch your Cava for Cru and Zinfandel for Cyder this Christmas.
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Six weeks to Christmas - time to get pickling!

Posted on 12th Nov 2014 by Polly Robinson in Cook & Eat

Pickled Onions are a staple of Christmas feasting. Perfect for Christmas leftovers and late night suppers of cheese and biscuits. But who said pickled onions all taste the same? We’ve developed some of our own tried and tested recipes for pickled onions.
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Preserving a Tradition

Posted on 16th Oct 2014 by Polly Robinson in Cook & Eat

​There is something homely and hearty about the idea of pickling, it’s the actual getting on with it that may be holding some of us back. So, if your apron has remained faithful to its post behind the kitchen door for several months, you will be glad to hear that pickling is actually a simple matter, or can be….
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Embrace the abundance of Autumn and get pickling!

Posted on 6th Oct 2014 by Polly Robinson in Cook & Eat

Pickling is enjoying a resurgence in popularity. It can be a thrifty way to make use of your overabundant crops and also a relatively simple one - and you don’t feel you have to grow your own to pickle. During the harvest in autumn, markets and supermarkets offer a wealth of fantastic seasonal British produce to take the plunge and start pickling.
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An Account of Apples

Posted on 29th Aug 2014 by Polly Robinson in Cyder House

The Aspall orchards planted by Clement Chevallier in 1728 are largely unchanged in nearly 300 years - there is a sense of timelessness and strong connection with the past.
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Meet Colony Aspall – the latest addition at the Suffolk Punch Trust

Posted on 8th Jul 2014 by Polly Robinson in Cyder House

Around the same time that Clement Chevallier was establishing his orchards here at Aspall Hall, a short distance away at Hollesley Bay near Woodbridge, the Barthorp family was busy setting up the Colony Stud and farm.
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Books and cyder - the perfect match!

Posted on 18th Jun 2014 by Polly Robinson in Events

This year's Stoke Newington Literary Festival took place from 4 to 6 June.
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Perfect Pickled Eggs

Posted on 23rd Jan 2014 by Polly Robinson in Cook & Eat

Here's some unusual and quirky pickled egg recipes to inspire your creative pickling juices ahead of the 2014 Aspall World Pickled Egg Championships!
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Posted on 23rd Jan 2014 by Polly Robinson in Cyder House

Out walking in our orchards in early January I was overwhelmed by the mistletoe growing in huge bushes on almost every tree in the orchard.
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Pickled Eggs - love 'em or hate 'em?

Posted on 17th Jan 2014 by Polly Robinson in Cook & Eat

Like marmite, I don't know anyone who says 'Pickled eggs are alright', I think most people I know think they hate them based on the the memory of lurid eggs in astringent malt vinegar, who knows how old, sitting behind the bar in a musty pub.
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Book Review: World’s Best Cider

Posted on 13th Jan 2014 by Polly Robinson in Cyder House

There are shelves full of books about wine and wine makers, beer and brewers but until now the world of cider has lacked its own thoughtful, intelligent and inspiring tome.
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