Aspall Cyder - Cider and Vinegar

Cyder at Christmas!

19th December 2014

Cook & Eat

Make your Christmas a far more British affair this year. Switch your Cava for Cru and Zinfandel for Cyder this Christmas.

Kick off your festive parties by serving Aspall Premier Cru in champagne glasses as an English alternative to Prosecco or Cava. Premier Cru is a sophisticated dry cider with elegant floral aromas that makes a refreshing and light alternative to cheap fizz!

For a fruity change to mulled wine, try our comforting Aspall Mulled Suffolk Cyder or recreate your own with our mulled cyder recipe using Aspall Draught or Organic Suffolk Cyder or the Kings Mulled Cyder Cocktail.

To accompany smoked salmon and other smoked fish canapes or starters, try Perronelle’s Blush cyder with a dash of blackberry juice. Not only does the delicate pink of the cyder look beautiful with the salmon, but the fruity acidity in the cyder provides the refreshing tang needed to match the fish.

For meaty main courses like turkey, duck or game match Aspall Organic Suffolk Cyder; with plenty of tannins, this is a cyder is as robust a partner for strong meats as full-bodied red wines such as Australian Grenache, Californian Zinfandel or Argentinian Malbec. If goose with a rich fruity accompaniment is your Christmas centrepiece, then Imperial Vintage has the body and structure to match this perfectly.

For pudding our new cyder, Isabel’s Berry with racy raspberry and redcurrant fruit, is the perfect partner for anything sweet, fresh fruit, chocolate and even traditional Christmas Pudding.

Round off your festive feast with rich, flavoursome cheeses like Brie de Meux, Stilton and Stinking Bishop paired with Aspall Imperial Vintage Cyder. Imperial’s tantaslising flavour with notes of winter dried fruits like raisins, dates and prunes make it a perfect partner for your cheese course.

And finally if you are tempted by Christmas nuts in front of the fire (or even just the TV!) then fresh apple and racy character Aspall Draught will match these simple flavours as well as cleansing the palate. Merry Christmas from Aspall