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#ShrubItUp - heat 2, Brighton

Posted on 20th Jun 2016 by Henry Chevallier Guild in Events

​Oh how I love Brighton. Years ago, we would come down here during half term because my parents would exhibit at a Health Food Exhibition there, and the holiday would pass in the slightly stifling interior of the Exhibition Centre – albeit accompanied by excursions to the pier, and suppers in a fantastic fish restaurant called Wheelers. It had a tatty charm back then, wearing the clothes of a town that really had seen better days.
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#ShrubItUp - heat 1, Bristol

Posted on 14th Jun 2016 by Henry Chevallier Guild in Events

As I sat back watching the scenery fly past the train window my mind turned to what was looming for me that evening. Bristol was to be the first heat, and with it came the excitement that comes from a degree of uncertainty as to the format of the evening.
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#ShrubItUp - the UK's first shrub cocktail competition

Posted on 10th Jun 2016 by Henry Chevallier Guild in Events

​I think if you ask most people who know me, they would concur that I can be passionate / borderline geek / bore about what I do – usually it involves apples in one form or another. Fortunately, just enough of the passion seems to seep through to prevent narcolepsy within my audience, or a charge for the nearest exit.
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Cape Crusader

Posted on 10th Mar 2016 by Henry Chevallier Guild in Henry's Travels

I’ve been to Cape Town a few times, and at the risk of sounding a little blasé and spoilt, it was always just fine, ok.
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To Drink or Not to Drink? – A Journey in to Shrubs

Posted on 14th Jan 2016 by Henry Chevallier Guild in Cook And Eat

It’s actually been nearly a decade since I gave up drinking for the first time. My wife Lizzie has always given up; every year, for a month. And she encouraged me to do the same after we first met. Ridiculous; I mean why? What’s the point? I wasn’t an addict – I don’t start drinking at breakfast; well, maybe occasionally on a birthday. I held my ground for a couple of years.
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Aspall Press Opening September 29th 2015

Posted on 15th Oct 2015 by Henry Chevallier Guild in 1728-2028

It’s not until you look back that you realise just how far you have come. I know, bit of an obvious statement, but there are times when the circumstance of the reflection adds a great deal of weight and clarity to the perspective.
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