How to make cyder

Step 1

Apples are washed and graded by eye then rinsed a further 3 times before arriving at the mill.

Step 2

Milled to a mash and pumped in to our apple presses, the pulp is then pressed in batches to extract pure single strength apple juice.

Step 3

The apple juice is pumped to a temperature controlled fermentation tank and cultured champagne yeast is added.

Step 4

Following fermentation, we transfer or rack off the Lees, allowing the remaining yeast to settle before carrying out a 2nd racking then transferring to a storage tank for maturation.

Step 5

All Aspall cyders are blended, taking the attributes from a variety of apples to make a truly well balanced cider. Dessert apples for sweetness and elegance, cooking apples for acidity and apple aroma and bittersweet apples give a heady perfume, body and depth of finish.

Step 6

Every batch of cyder is tasted before it leaves Aspall. The tasting panel will comprise of at least one of the Chevallier family. Once given the seal of approval, the cyder is filtered bright, lightly carbonated to lift the aroma and flavour and packaged.