How to make vinegar

Step 1

Cyder is fed in to either the Frings Acetator or a Green Shield Tower. The Green Shield Towers offer a more gentler, slower fermentation, producing a vinegar of extreme mellowness and quality. Typically the Green Shield Towers are used for our Organic Cyder Vinegar.

Step 2

The acetobacter within the acetator converts the cyder to acetic acid.

Step 3

The vinegar is filtered clear and bright through cross flow filtration.

Step 4

Different base vinegars are blended to produce the perfectly balanced and different varieties of Aspall vinegars you see on the shelf.

Step 5

Each batch of vinegar is stringently tested in the lab and tasted before being released to package.

Tasting tips

1) Dunk a sugar cube into the vinegar and then quickly suck on the cube. The sugar will help keep your taste buds open to the other flavours ; or

2) Dip a little bit of bread into the vinegar and then eat that.

Step 6

Bottled unpasteurised and free from preservatives or artificial flavourings to ensure a fuller rounded flavour.