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Perfect Pickled Eggs

23rd January 2014

Cook And Eat

Here's some unusual and quirky pickled egg recipes to inspire your creative pickling juices ahead of the 2014 Aspall World Pickled Egg Championships!
  • Blinding Pickled Eggs

    River Cottage recipe

    This recipe makes a dark rich pickle mixing Malt, Balsamic and White wine vinegar, muscavado sugar, luxurious truffled honey and dates!

    River Cottage Blinding Pickled Eggs recipe

  • Gourmet Pickled Eggs

    British Larder recipe

    This recipe comes from one of the best food pubs in Suffolk, The British Larder. Chef, Madalene Bonvini-Hamel is one of our favourite local chefs and this is her perfect recipe.

    Gourmet Pickled Eggs recipe

  • Asian and Turkish Pickled Eggs

    Anula's Kitchen recipe

    These unusual recipes give an interesting take on a traditional English snack with the use of dark soy sauce, sichuan pepper corns and thai basil in the Asian version and saffron, cinnamon and red onion in the Turkish style recipe.

    Asian and Turkish Pickled Eggs recipe

  • Pink Pickled Eggs

    Recipe from The Guardian

    Beautiful deep colours that using red wine vinegar and raw beetroot to intensify the pink!

    Pink Pickled Eggs recipe