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The Health Benefits of Homemade Pickles

Posted on 4th Nov 2019 in Cook And Eat

Homemade pickles add an addictive crunchy tang to sandwiches, cheese boards and meals from around the world. But are they good for us too? We asked BANT registered nutritionist Eva Humphries to fill us in on the health benefits of pickled fruits and veg.
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Win a Deluxe Planet-Friendly Health Drinks Kit!

Posted on 9th Sep 2019 in Cyder House

Loved our healthy summer thirst quenchers? Our bumper prize, packed with revitalising drink goodies, will help you to continue to look after yourself and the planet throughout the autumn and winter too!
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Win a copy of Angela Clutton’s The Vinegar Cupboard

Posted on 29th Apr 2019 in Cyder House

Want to liven up your cooking now spring is here? We're offering the chance to do just that by giving away a copy of Angela Clutton's new book 'The Vinegar Cupboard' along with a mixed case of Aspall vinegars!
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The Vinegar Cupboard: Meet Vinegar’s Greatest Ambassador Angela Clutton

Posted on 8th Mar 2019 in Cook And Eat

Food writer, historian and chef Angela Clutton may be vinegar’s greatest ambassador. Her book, The Vinegar Cupboard, released this month, champions the incredible versatility and capabilities of our favourite ingredient.
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The Modern Preserver: Meet Pickling Guru Kylee Newton

Posted on 8th Nov 2018 in Cook And Eat

When Kylee Newton pickles, magic happens. With vinegar, fresh produce and just the right amount of seasonings, this kitchen alchemist can wake taste buds you didn’t even know you had. Newton & Pott preserves, which Kylee handmakes in Hackney, have become hugely popular across London, and her first book, The Modern Preserver, has received high praise from critics and home picklers alike.
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Springtime - season of the year?

Posted on 23rd May 2018 by Henry Chevallier Guild in Cook And Eat

Whilst digging our potatoes in recently (Anya’s, Pentland Javelin and Cara if you’re interested), I found myself humming “It’s the most wonderful time of the year”. I’m no hard core Andy Williams fan, so probably like most people – at least until I looked it up – I couldn’t get as far as the second line of kids jingle-belling and everyone telling me to be of good cheer. I know, it’s a Christmas song.
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