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To Drink or Not to Drink? – A Journey in to Shrubs

Posted on 14th Jan 2016 by Henry Chevallier Guild in Cook And Eat

It’s actually been nearly a decade since I gave up drinking for the first time. My wife Lizzie has always given up; every year, for a month. And she encouraged me to do the same after we first met. Ridiculous; I mean why? What’s the point? I wasn’t an addict – I don’t start drinking at breakfast; well, maybe occasionally on a birthday. I held my ground for a couple of years.
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Aspall Press Opening September 29th 2015

Posted on 15th Oct 2015 by Henry Chevallier Guild in 1728-2028

It’s not until you look back that you realise just how far you have come. I know, bit of an obvious statement, but there are times when the circumstance of the reflection adds a great deal of weight and clarity to the perspective.
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Hedgerow Recipes - Elderflower

Posted on 6th Oct 2015 in Cook And Eat

Wild food expert and guest blogger, Jon Tyler, on how to slowly transform the unloved elderberry into a rich, piquant sauce - Pontack - which is delicious to serve with meat, particularly game or used as a marinade.
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Our top Pickling Tips!

Posted on 16th Sep 2015 by Henry Chevallier Guild in Cook And Eat

Pickling veg and fruit isn’t as fiddly and time-consuming as you might think. It’s a great way to preserve summer and autumn veg for those dull winter months. Great with cold meat and cheese they’ll liven up any lunchtime, but they can also be stirred into stews, curries and soups for a bit of extra oomph.
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Top 10 Pickling recipes

Posted on 15th Sep 2015 in Cook And Eat

Once the preserve (literally and metaphorically) of the WI, pickling has risen to the forefront again with chefs like Rene Redzepi, the Pennington brothers of Bristol’s trend-setting Ethicurean leading the way. The food press is are brimming with pickling recipes for you to try this autumn. Here are our top 10 recipes:
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Aspall Scoops Family Business Award 2015

Posted on 9th Aug 2015 by Henry Chevallier Guild in 1728-2028

​Over the years, we have been proud to be both recommended for and to receive many awards for our products. It’s not quite as often that we are shortlisted for business awards, so we were thrilled to be shortlisted for the Family Business Awards of the Year 2015 for both East Anglian business and Food & Drink Business.
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