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Aspall Cyder - Cider and Vinegar

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Isabel's Berry - A tribute to a remarkable woman

Posted on 21st May 2014 in Cyder House

Isabel Chevallier was warm and generous person, deeply proud of Suffolk and often found in the walled gardens at Aspall Hall tending her fruit plants.
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Another sweet treat from our orchards

Posted on 14th May 2014 by Henry Chevallier Guild in Cyder House

I recently wrote about the really important role that bees and other insects play in pollinating the trees in our orchards. We’re fortunate that keeping bees has honey as a fantastic by-product, which as well as being totally delicious, has been used for its health benefits for thousands of years.
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Cyder versus Wine: Everyone’s a winner

Posted on 13th May 2014 in Events

It’s a tough job to compete with the long-established art of selecting a wine that works perfectly with a meal. Wine lists so often come with tasting notes mentioning exotic fruits, spice, oak and tanins, and there is something to suit every palate. But we believe that good quality cyder has the depth and versatility to take on wine, to go round-for-round (or course-for-course), and most importantly to make people think differently about choosing what to drink with their food.
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The story of Aspall & the stag

Posted on 12th May 2014 in Events

I'll admit; I was somewhat hesitant when I was asked to conduct a tasting for a stag party. I had visions of a group of rowdy blokes with the poor groom being hand-cuffed to the nearest lamppost.
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A hive of activity

Posted on 6th May 2014 by Henry Chevallier Guild in Cyder House

It’s a magical time of year to walk through our orchards. While we admire the spectacular blossom on the trees, we’ve been thinking about the bees and other insects which help to pollinate our trees, enabling the transformation takes place.
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Pork and Cyder – a perfect match

Posted on 6th May 2014 in Events

Food pairing is a really hot topic at the moment. And it’s definitely not all about wine. Finding a great match, whether it’s with wine, cyder or beer can help to get the most out of the flavour of both your food and drink. It is really where quality and depth of flavour shine through.
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