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Aspall Cake Day

Posted on 1st Feb 2014 in Cyder House

On 28 January Aspall held a bring and buy cake sale in the office, all in the name of charity.
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Posted on 23rd Jan 2014 in Cyder House

Out walking in our orchards in early January I was overwhelmed by the mistletoe growing in huge bushes on almost every tree in the orchard.
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Perfect Pickled Eggs

Posted on 23rd Jan 2014 in Cook And Eat

Here's some unusual and quirky pickled egg recipes to inspire your creative pickling juices ahead of the 2014 Aspall World Pickled Egg Championships!
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Apple cyder vinegar each day keeps the doctor away

Posted on 23rd Jan 2014 by Henry Chevallier Guild in Cook And Eat, Healthy Living

Well I know it may all sound a bit odd, but taking cyder vinegar daily as a little health tonic has a long and illustrious past.
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Pickled Eggs - love 'em or hate 'em?

Posted on 17th Jan 2014 in Cook And Eat

Like marmite, I don't know anyone who says 'Pickled eggs are alright', I think most people I know think they hate them based on the the memory of lurid eggs in astringent malt vinegar, who knows how old, sitting behind the bar in a musty pub.
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Book Review: World’s Best Cider

Posted on 13th Jan 2014 in Cyder House

There are shelves full of books about wine and wine makers, beer and brewers but until now the world of cider has lacked its own thoughtful, intelligent and inspiring tome.
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