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The Aspall apple orchards

Posted on 8th Jan 2014 by Barry Chevallier Guild in 1728-2028

Our apple orchards were originally planted by Clement Chevallier in 1728 and are still blossoming today: the natural source for cyders and vinegars of unrivalled quality and excellence.
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5 great California pale ales

Posted on 1st Dec 2013 by Henry Chevallier Guild in Henry's Travels

In the absence of cyders to shout about, I did discover some superb Californian Pale Ales on my recent trip to the West Coast. Here's my top 5...
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California dreaming...

Posted on 29th Nov 2013 by Henry Chevallier Guild in Henry's Travels

I’ve just got back from a trip to San Francisco; I’ve been a few times to this fair city but it’s been a long time since I spent some serious time in it, and it’s been too long. It is a multi-faceted place; from its iconic tourist sites, laid back cafes and bars through to its bohemian Burning Man art installations it has long been a place of great creativity.
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5 favourite ciders from US Cider Week

Posted on 2nd Nov 2013 by Henry Chevallier Guild in Henry's Travels

I have been sampling US craft ciders for over 10 years now, and in those early years, many I tasted were not that well-made, lacked identity and were generally too much of a challenge to drink. Whilst that is undoubtedly still true for some of the products out there now, the really good US craft ciders are simply stunning.
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Dispatches from New York Cider Week

Posted on 30th Oct 2013 by Henry Chevallier Guild in Henry's Travels

“The British are coming”, but does anyone really care? Whether or not Paul Revere did actually utter the now mythical rallying cry to the Patriots as he rode through Massachusetts that April night in 1775, it has come to symbolise the resistance shown to the colonial power being flexed by Britain at the time, and to cut a very long story short, ultimately culminated in the United States becoming an independent country.
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Aspall event at The British Consulate, New York

Posted on 27th Oct 2013 in Henry's Travels

Aspall hosted a special event with The British Consulate to celebrate New York Cider Week. Over 120 people from both the trade and media attended the occasion which included food matching with Aspall Cyders.
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