Aspall Cyder - Cider and Vinegar

Kylee Newton's Quick Pickled Blackberries

Makes 1 x 350ml jar

5 minutes

Cooking time
5-8 minutes

Blackberries are collected and eaten most enthusiastically by the British as they tend to grow wild everywhere. They usually can be harvested from August through to October however supermarkets also have them available throughout the year. Their tart but sweet flavor can be enjoyed in many dishes but try them pickled for a change- they are equally delicious in sweet or savoury meals.
  1. Make your brine by placing all of the ingredients into a pan and gently warm until the sugar and salt has dissolved and the brine has infused. Cool to room temperature.
  2. Arrange the blackberries into your sterilised jar to about 1cm from the top and fill with the cooled brine making sure you cover the berries completely. 
  3. Tap out any trapped air bubbles and refill with the brine until about ½ cm from the jars rim and seal.
  4. Keep refrigerated and let pickle for a day or two.

Add to savoury or sweet dishes such as yoghurt for breakfast or topped onto seeded loaf with Crème fraîche and mackerel. 

Thank you to Kylee Newton for creating this exclusive recipe for us.