Aspall Cyder - Cider and Vinegar

Pickled Eggs


15 minutes

Cooking time
10 minutes

As sponsors of the World Pickled Egg Championship, we're rather fond of this pub classic so we asked Mike Keen, 2012 champion, to share one of his favourite recipes with us.
  1. Put a frying pan over a high heat, when it's hot, add the whole spices and shake around for 1-2 minutes until you can smell the flavour of the spices and the cumin seeds start to pop a little. Remove from the heat and tip the spices into a bowl. 
  2. Bring the vinegar & cyder to the boil with the garlic, turn down to a simmer for 5 minutes & then add in the toasted spices. Gently place the eggs in the liquid and continue to simmer for 2 minutes. 
  3. Lift the eggs out with a slotted spoon and place them in a sterilised glass jar, then pour the curry/garlic liquid over to cover the eggs. 
  4. Seal the lid and leave for at least a couple of weeks. Once you open it keep in the fridge.

Thank you to Mike Keen at The Brewery Tap in Ipswich for sharing this recipe with us.