Aspall Cyder - Cider and Vinegar

Clement Chevallier

1697 – 1762

The man who started it all. Clement Chevallier brought cyder making to Aspall from his native Jersey in 1728. An assiduous keeper of records, his accounts and letters are kept in Aspall Hall.

Clement Chevallier inherited Aspall Hall in 1722. However it was six years later that he came to live full time at Aspall. Arriving on 9th April 1728, within days Clement was planting apple trees brought over from his native island, Jersey. He began cyder making in the autumn of 1728 buying fruit from local growers until his own trees were mature enough to produce a crop. We are fortunate that his original accounts and books of letters are still here at Aspall. It was clear the locals thought he was mad planting trees on quality arable land. He soon proved them wrong, demonstrating that a comfortable living could be achieved making cyder in Suffolk. Clement set a very high standard for how he made his cyder refusing to adulterate it as many other producers did. It is a philosophy we very much follow to this day.

Clement's diary entry noting his arrival at Aspall in 1728