Aspall Cyder - Cider and Vinegar

Isabel Chevallier

1869 – 1931

Level headed, broadminded and warm-hearted Isabel Chevallier was undaunted by the stresses and strains of life and was often turned to for a balanced opinion.

Born in Ufford, Suffolk, Isabel Cobbold, of the famous Suffolk brewing family, grew up with a deep seated love of Suffolk and country life. In 1897 she married JB Chevallier owner and manager of Aspall Cyder and helped him with the cyder business and farm. She soon made Aspall Hall her home, entertaining people from all walks of life with a graciousness and warmth that made a visit to Aspall truly memorable. She had a splendid disregard for worldly affairs which one can only hope that Viscount Kitchener found refreshing when he stayed at Aspall in 1902. One of her true passions was the gardens at Aspall Hall which produced a wealth of flowers, vegetables and fruit every season for the Hall and parish. Her life was tragically cut short when she was knocked down by a car on the road running through Aspall.

Isabel with her daughter, Perronelle