Aspall Cyder - Cider and Vinegar

John Barrington Chevallier

1857 – 1940

One of the most amazing characters in our family’s history. FA Cup Finalist, fruit grower, cyder maker, Justice of the Peace and pioneer in advancing agriculture in Suffolk.

John Barrington Chevallier or ‘JB’ as he was known by friends and family was educated at home at Aspall until he was thirteen when he won a scholarship to Eton College. He went on to study at Cambridge University, where he won a ‘Blue’ for football, graduating with a double first. He played in four FA Cup Finals for the Old Etonians, winning two, the last one of which was against Blackburn Rovers. Before returning to Suffolk he taught at Repton College where he was a founder and one of the first players for Derby County. Back in Suffolk he made the first serious modification to the original 1728 apple press by replacing the broken wooden screw with a metal one. The original is still there in the old cyder house. Not only did he win awards for his fruit and cyder he bred prize winning Red Poll cattle too.

JB at Eton College