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#ShrubItUp - the final at Imbibe Live

Posted on 21st Jul 2016 by Henry Chevallier Guild in Events

So we finally made it to the biggest day of the competition; live at Imbibe on Tuesday 5th July, our 4 heat winners – complete with the Wild Card entry of Fitz from the Bristol Heat – were waiting nervously in the wings to step out and in front of a full auditorium to give it their best shot at winning the competition and heading to New York. Oh, and receiving the praise and adulation of their friends, family and possibly most importantly – their peers.
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5 lovely drinks from Glastonbury 2016

Posted on 18th Jul 2016 by Henry Chevallier Guild in Henry's Travels

When conditions become adverse, when the going gets tough, when the mud of Worthy Farm rises up and threatens to become the dominant factor of your festival, it is necessary to stop and breathe, to take stock of the situation and do so whilst taking on board some sustenance. These were my top 5 ‘medicinal’ drinks from Glastonbury 2016.
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The definition of mud - Glastonbury 2016

Posted on 17th Jul 2016 by Henry Chevallier Guild in Henry's Travels

Apparently, Eskimos have dozens (if not hundreds) of words for snow; so it struck me at this year’s Glastonbury that given the multiple forms mud presents itself in, how come English only has one word for it?
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#ShrubItUp - heat 4, Manchester

Posted on 27th Jun 2016 by Henry Chevallier Guild in Events

​It was only on landing at Elixir on Deansgate – our hosts for the evening - and being asked how often I came to Manchester, that I realised it was damned nearly a decade since I last had. My liaisons with the city have been very few and far between – sadly so.
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APPLE CIDER VINEGAR and DIETING – what’s it all about?

Posted on 24th Jun 2016 by Henry Chevallier Guild in Cook And Eat, Healthy Living

​You may have missed it but I was on the tele recently. It was part of Channel 4’s “Food Unwrapped” series where a team of presenters – Jimmy Doherty, Kate Quilton and Matt Tebbutt – look in to different foods to better understand where they come from, how they are made. It’s a good show - very informative and even-handed.
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#ShrubItUp - heat 3, London

Posted on 24th Jun 2016 by Henry Chevallier Guild in Events

“By seeing London, I have seen as much of life as the world can show”. So spoke Samuel Johnson, and he had a point, it is one of the finest cities in the world. I love coming down; semi-resident as we are in Shoreditch we trade the green and quiet of the orchard for the hustle and the bustle of the street very willingly, albeit temporarily.
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