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The recipe for Aspall's unique blend of bittersweet and culinary apples has been handed down and developed through the generations to produce the super premium product that it is today.

In the process, many different blends of fruit have been experimented with; from astringent heavy tannin cider apples such as Medaille d'Or through to dessert and culinary fruit like Cox and Bramley. The current blend for our cyder encapsulates the best that each apple variety provides – for example Cox for sweetness, Bramley for acidity and apple aroma and a combination of bittersweet apples to give a heady perfume, body and a depth of finish. Although today's blend differs to the cider produced in 1728 by Clement, Aspall's philosophy remains the same; to develop a truly superb, quality product that Clement would be proud to drink.

Our striking one of a kind signature bottle is a replica of the bottle that was used by JB Chevallier, the 5th generation Aspall Cyder maker in the 1920s and 1930s.

Since it's relaunch in 2000, Aspall Cyder has won many of the top industry awards and has been recognised as a CoolBrand for the past two consecutive years.

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Vinegar is an alcoholic liquor that has become soured by the action of harmless acid-forming bacteria. The resulting liquid no longer tastes of alcohol but develops a pleasant sharp taste.

Used all over the world, vinegar is one of the oldest culinary ingredients known to man. Hippocrates rated its medicinal value and prescribed it for his patients in 380BC. Vinegar is a versatile culinary ingredient, and can be used for making marinades, dressings, mayonnaises, pickles and chutneys and as a means to 'liven' up dishes.

Vinegar making at Aspall became a passion for John Chevallier in the 1970's when he pioneered a trickle fermentation technique that remains unique in vinegar making around the world. The many awards received for Aspall vinegar since then recognise the efforts he made, and the passion for vinegar making remains core to the business today.

All our vinegars are suitable for vegans and vegetarians, are preservative free and bottled un-pasteurised.

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The 6th generation of Chevalliers at Aspall, Perronelle Guild (nee Chevallier) and her husband Cyril were founder members of the Soil Association in 1946. Near neighbours of the legendary Eve Balfour, Perronelle and Cyril were quick to join the movement and the orchards at Aspall have been organic ever since.

Legend has it that Cyril, a prudent Scotsman from Dundee, was convinced by the idea as the crop sprayer had broken down and it meant he didn't need to replace it, but this remains apocryphal.

Aspall remain committed organic producers, though we are not exclusively so. Follow the link to learn more about organic farming and practices.