Aspall Cyder - Cider and Vinegar

Art and Aspall at the Aldeburgh Festival

26th June 2014


Orford Ness is an abandoned former military site, used throughout most of the 20th century for top secret experiments. Now a nature reserve owned by the National Trust, it remains one of Britain’s most mysterious and bleak locations, in no small part because is still littered with unexploded devices and debris.

It’s not the most welcoming of environments – a type of stony desert stretching for 12 miles along the Suffolk coast, exposed to the North Sea and only attached to the mainland by a small strip of land at its northern end.

Turner Prize nominated Artist, Anya Gallaccio, describes Orford Ness as:

 "An unstable place. Nothing is fixed here, the whole place is moving and changing."

It’s this shifting environment and instability that inspired her work The Secret Landscape. She focuses on the natural structure of Orford Ness – its stones – and how they have been sea-shattered and bomb-blasted over time.

Anya Gallacio was commissioned by SNAP, along with the  14-18 NOW Festival to produce The Secret Landscape installation at Orford Ness and Snape Maltings. The SNAP visual arts programme is part of the Aldeburgh Festival – a world-renowned annual music festival held at Snape Maltings. SNAP encourages artists to try something new and we’ve been proud to support the programme for a number of years.

Gallaccio has produced a series of giant photographs of one of these fractured pebbles, magnified 20,000 times under an electron microscope. There’s something extra-terrestrial about the images, which perfectly captures Orford Ness’s eerie, wild and mysterious atmosphere, as this video shows.

Visit the exhibition

The installation at Snape Maltings is open until 29 June, where you’ll also find Bee Composed by artist Lily Hunter Green (which we’ll be writing about in another blog post), so we’d really recommend paying a visit if you’re in the area.

You can read more about both projects on the  SNAP website. The Guardian also featured The Secret Landscape in an article on their website.

As part of SNAP in previous years we’ve even produced limited edition cyder bottles with labels designed by artists Glenn Brown, Ryan Gander and Maggi Hambling, which quickly became collectors’ items!


Making the perfect cyder is an art, but you might be wondering what else Aspall and an art project have in common… The answer is SNAP!