Top 10 Pickling recipes

Once the preserve (literally and metaphorically) of the WI, pickling has risen to the forefront again with chefs like Rene Redzepi, the Pennington brothers of Bristol’s trend-setting Ethicurean leading the way. The food press is are brimming with pickling recipes for you to try this autumn. Here are our top 10 recipes:

Pink Pickled Radishes

Pink Pickled Radishes by Kylee Newton of Hackney-based preservers Newton & Potts in The Telegraph. This recipe was inspired by pickled radishes Kylee first tried at a Middle Eastern restaurant with a mezze of dips, cold meats and other pickles.

Carrot Pickle

Carrot Pickle by Stevie Parle in the Telegraph - inspired by a Keralan recipe this pickle is rich with a whole bulb of garlic,  stacks of ginger as well as tumeric, mustard seeds and curry leaves. Despite the long list of ingredients it’s not difficult to make and will spice up your day! 


You can’t beat Piccalilli for its vibrant yellow colour - no Ploughman’s Lunch is complete without it.  The vibrant colour comes from the tumeric and mustard powder.  It’s a great way of preserving summer veg like beans and cauliflower for those grey winter days. We like Jamie Oliver’s recipe.

Pickled Pears

Home-made pickles make a great Christmas present - we love this Spiced Pickled Pears recipe from our friends at Kilner.  With cinnamon, ginger and allspice it’s lovely Christmasy flavours ideal accompaniment to cold meat and cheese. Delia Smith suggests warming them through and serving with roast duck or goose.  We also love this Pickled Pears recipe from one of our favourite food bloggers Sophie James.

Bread & Butter Pickles

Bread & Butter Pickles are a classic American cucumber pickle. The name seems to come from the time of the Great Depression when they were a cheap and nutritious sandwich filling - they’re now more likely to be served alongside a burger. Richard Turner, the chef of the Hawksmoor is famous for his burgers so we guess his Bread & Butter pickles might be pretty good too.  Here’s his recipe in Delicious Magazine.

Lime Pickle

Everybody loves Lime Pickle with their curry but the shop bought stuff often tastes so artificial so why not try making your own.  Chef Mark Hix (Tramshed, Oyster & Chophouse and other restaurants) says he’d always wanted to make his own but most recipes he found were long winded. Try his version printed in The Independent.

Pickled Shallots

For a different take on Pickled Shallots try pickling them with balsamic vinegar and adding the aromatic basil leaves.  Try this recipe in BBC Good Food magazine 

Pickled Beetroot

When it comes to pickling the Scandinavians are hard to beat. Trine Hahnemann is a Danish chef who’s books have popularised Scandinavian cooking in the UK. We love her simple recipe for Pickled Beetroot with cider vinegar

Cyder Viegar & Orange Rollmops

Another Scandinavian speciality is Pickled Herring but making them at home can be tricky but Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall has this simple recipe for Cider Vinegar and Orange Rollmops using a aromatic allspice, black peppercorns and bay leaves.

Pickled Eggs

No pickling blog would be complete without a recommendation for pickled eggs. Pickled eggs are like marmite - you love them or hate them. In fact, when judging the World Pickled Egg Championships we’ve even tasted Marmite Pickled Eggs! But here are some more inspiring Pickled Egg recipes to try at home.