The Bottle

When Aspall relaunched its cyder on a national scale in the late 1990’s, the quality of the liquid was the major selling point. Barry and Henry’s (the brothers) idea was to reintroduce a cyder to the market that harked back to the days when English Cyder was held in the same high regard as Champagne, Wine and Port. A unique liquid required a unique package, and it was their father John who suggested they may want to look at the bottle his Grandfather used in the 1920’s and 30’s. And so a dusty labelled bottle was taken to a bottle manufacturer and the discussion started as to how this antique vessel could be re-produced for the modern age.

It was by no means the cheapest solution to take to market, but a high quality liquid requires a high quality delivery. The Aspall bottle is now trademarked and recognised the world over as a signature bottle for Aspall Cyder and the story – and liquid – that lies behind the brand.