The Pour

Perfect temperature is key; Aspall is best served at 5°C in a clean glass – chilled ideally, but room temperature works just fine. As Aspall is akin to a fruit wine, we recommend serving Premier Cru, Imperial and Organic in wine glasses to allow the best possible delivery of aroma and taste, as the narrow lip of the glass concentrates the flavour. Aspall Draught and Harry Sparrow are best served in an Aspall pint goblet; the broad rim of our glass allows maximum aroma to be realised, keeping it intense and concentrated all the way to the finish. Our fruit variants are preferably served in an Aspall half pint goblet, helping the liquid stay chilled and fresh, much like a rosé wine. Of course, Aspall is a robust and tasty enough liquid to be served in any glass; however we always champion the best glassware and the ideal temperature.