Herby Salsa Verde

A recipe by Amelia Freer
Serves 4 10 minutes to prepare No cooking required

A really herby salsa verde is perhaps one of the most elevating condiments we can make, turning the simplest soup, steamed fish, chicken, plain pasta, or simple vegetables into a leading lady of a dish. It packs such a flavour punch, balancing aromatic herbs with a welcome cut of vinegar, yet is as simple as anything to make. You simply chuck all the ingredients into a mini food processor (or mince with a pestle and mortar), whizz and taste. Voila!   

 You can vary the herbs you choose according to what is in season, what you have available, or what would work best with your chosen dish. And as well as being deliciously versatile, it’s also a lovely way to get an extra portion of greens into your meal without having to cook another vegetable side. It also freezes brilliantly (I do this in individual portions in an ice tray) if you have any excess that you want to preserve for another day. 

TIP: I love this with cooked butter beans, drizzled over roasted vegetables, dolloped onto a vegetable soup or over some pan-fried fish or simply cooked chicken.