Makes 4 x 370ml jars Prep time: 10 minutes (plus 24 hours to salt the vegetables) Cooking time: 15 minutes

Enrobed in its customary sunshine yellow livery, Piccalilli, a mix of crisp summer vegetables, has to be the prettiest pickle in the cupboard. It’s success relies on using the freshest of veg’, that are cut into similar bite sized pieces. Recipes vary, and although there are no hard and fast rules about exactly what should be included in the mix of veg, cauliflower is mainstay to the recipe, and then the choice is up to you, or indeed what you have available. Likewise, the spices can be changed or tweaked to suit your taste.

A delicious accompaniment to many things, Piccalilli is particularly good served with cold meats, Cheddar or other sharp cheeses, and will turn any sandwich into a real feast.