Roasted cod, cauliflower and crispy kale

Serves: 4 Prep time: 10 minutes (plus extra to make vinaigrette) Cooking time: 15 minutes
Here’s a “one-tray wonder” that is sure to impress. The variety of textures and flavours is incredible, yet the recipe is very accessible. There’s charred cauliflower, crispy kale, and meaty roasted cod; these delicious, textural ingredients are laced with complex sweet, salty and umami flavours coming from the juicy sultanas, black olives and capers, and anchovies, respectively. There are some roasted pine nuts in the dressing which add further texture and a delicious nutty flavour.

TIP: This tray-roast is divine served with simple boiled potatoes, or a freekeh salad. We served it with some of the left-overs of the freekeh salad with roasted shallots which is also dressed with this mighty roasted pine nut & caper vinaigrette. A veritable feast!