Aspall Cyder - Cider and Vinegar

Strawberry, Apple Balsamic and Pepper Shrub


10 minutes

Cooking time
5 minutes

This was a recipe created for a demonstration at the Suffolk Show and what better fayre? Sure, the weather wasn’t kind this year, but summer is a state of mind as much as anything else, and this classic combination parts the clouds and lets the sunshine in!
  1. Tip the strawberries and sugar in to a clean kilner jar; grind pepper over the top and shake until the sugar has fully coated the strawberries. Set aside for 24 hours.
  2. Tip the syrupy mix of sugar and strawberries in to a saucepan through a colander. 
  3. Pour the apple balsamic vinegar in to the empty kilner jar and stir and swirl until all the sugar is dissolved. Once you’ve done this, empty the jar contents over the strawberries that are still draining in to the saucepan. Leave for 5 minutes.   
  4. Set aside the colander of drained strawberries - make sure to keep these for another use – they’re great on ice cream or with a lemon poset!
  5. Gently warm the saucepan to make sure all the sugar is dissolved and then transfer in to a sterilised bottle and seal.
  6. To serve: For a super non-alcoholic refresher, fill a hi-ball glass with ice, add 40ml of shrub, top with soda water and garnish with a strawberry – dehydrated if you’re feeling fancy.   Alternatively, add 50ml good tequila, 20ml shrub, 10ml fresh lime juice in to a cocktail shaker, shake hard and strain in to a chilled glass. Strawberry and tequila are surprisingly good bedfellows….