Aspall Cyder - Cider and Vinegar

Harry Sparrow

1891 – 1979

Cyder maker at Aspall from 1910 to 1956, Harry still holds record for the longest serving employee to have worked at Aspall. A remarkable man.

George Henry (Harry) Sparrow started working at Aspall in 1906 at the age of fifteen. When his Father died Harry, the oldest of four, had to give up his apprenticeship as a carpenter and wheelwright (apprentices were not paid) to earn money for the family. Working first on the farm, one of his tasks was a ‘super’ which meant he had to lather up the men for their shave in the morning. In his words ‘it didn’t half make your hands sore, some of them were like scrub brushes’. Within four years Harry was working in the cyder house and became head cyder maker. He served with the 7th Suffolks in the First World War and ‘went over the top’ on the first day of the Somme. Of the 1000 in his battalion only 98 were left after the battle. He returned to Aspall as head cyder maker in 1918.

Harry Sparrow's Cottage in Debenham