Aspall Cyder - Cider and Vinegar

Henry Chevallier Guild


Enthusiastic cyder and vinegar maker, Henry spends much of his time developing new products and telling the world of the joys of all things apple.

Henry cut his teeth at Aspall running the factory; for him, the excitement that comes from the creation of a food or drink is only matched by the attainment of the knowledge of how to make it. This combination reflects the aspiration and philosophy of the generations of Chevalliers that preceded him. Henry now spends much of his time at Aspall working with the development team to not only create new products but to communicate the joys of Aspall and all things associated to the apple. He travels the world extensively recounting the long history of the Chevalliers' cyder and vinegar making to Aspall’s export markets. On his travels Henry tries to meet fellow producers sharing with them his knowledge and ideas. All of this he brings home and feeds in to the collective consciousness and knowledge base of the Aspall team.

Henry playing with apples with his brother, Barry