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Aspall Cyder - Cider and Vinegar

Our family have lived and farmed at Aspall since 1702. The house and land was bought by Temple Chevallier who had come to Aspall from Jersey with his Suffolk born mother Suzannah.

In 1722 Temple left the Hall to his nephew Clement, founder of the cyder business. There is some evidence that Clement undertook radical improvements at this period creating an unusually long brick front with bricks made just a few miles away in the Deben valley where the name of Brick Meadow still exists. In the mid nineteenth century the Hall was owned by the Reverend J Chevallier, an enlightened doctor whose views on the treatment of mental illness were far ahead of his time. He made numerous alterations to the Hall to create a home for his patients on the first floor.
Today the Hall is home to Aspall’s Chairman, Barry Chevallier Guild and his family.