Roasted Pine Nut & Caper Vinaigrette: 1 Dressing, 6 Ways

Dressings aren’t just for salads! Dress up for summer with us to discover just how versatile homemade dressings can be. Mix up a tasty dressing and store it in a jar in the fridge and you can enjoy it a completely different way every day of the week. Don’t believe us? Then read on!

This summer, we’re making it our mission to make eating at home exciting again with easy-to-make dressings that can transform even the simplest of meals into something very special indeed. To demonstrate just how versatile our dressings are, alongside the recipes for these dressings, we’re giving you three recipes and an additional three serving suggestions you can dress up with them.

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This week, weve got a punchy and flavoursome roasted pine nut and caper vinaigrette. Want to try the recipe and 6 ways to serve it? Let’s go!

Dressing #1: Roasted pine nut & caper vinaigrette

Roasted pine nut and caper dressing

Made with Aspall white wine vinegar, this chunky vinaigrette is a little like a lip-smacking pesto! As well as salads, it can be used to dress pasta and roasted meals, with the heat helping to unlock the full flavour of the garlic, anchovies and toasted pine nuts. This dressing will happily keep in your fridge for up to 5 days in a clean glass jar, so if you want to use it for meals throughout the week, scale up the recipe and make yourself a big batch! Want to keep it vegan? Just skip the anchovies and add a few more pine nuts and capers.
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Monday: A hot pasta salad with flash-fried courgettes, tomatoes, garlic & oregano will help with flagging #Mondaymotivation. After a busy day, 20 minutes, two pans, some pasta, fresh veg and a jar of vinaigrette in your fridge is all you need to get tucking into a tasty bowl of summery loveliness.

Hot pasta salad

Tuesday: Celebrate #TomatoTuesday, by spooning the dressing over fresh burrata or mozzarella with fresh herbs, such as torn basil leaves or oregano. Serve with hunks of warmed sourdough and a tomato salad on the side.

Burrata with fresh herbs

Wednesday: Conquer hump day with with a roasted caponata & ricotta salad. Roasted aubergines are the perfect foil for this dressing, being fairly neutral with a faint smoky flavour. Dry-roast a sliced aubergine at the top of a scorching hot oven for 15 minutes; while still hot, toss the roasted aubergine with a few generous spoonfuls of dressing and a handful of sultanas. Transfer the dressed aubergine onto a serving dish and top with fresh ricotta, fresh oregano leaves, and a generous twist of black pepper.

Roasted caponata & ricotta salad



Thursday: Try using your versatile vinaigrette to add the finishing touches to a freekeh salad with roasted shallots, red chilli, feta & parsley (leaving out the feta for a vegan version). Freekeh’s wonderful nutty texture and flavour marries brilliantly with the bold umami flavours of the dressing. Make extra for a packed lunch the next day or to serve as a side dish for Friday’s dinner.

Freekeh salad

Friday: Celebrate the end of the week by tucking into a one pot dish of roasted cod, cauliflower and crispy kale, with black olives & sultanas. In this recipe, your hardworking vinaigrette, studded with sultanas, is added to the roasting tray once the cod and vegetables are cooked to season and bring all the flavours to life. Serve with new potatoes or leftover freekeh salad.

Roasted cod & cauliflower

The weekend: Use the remaining dressing for the ultimate side salad with chicory, parsley, celery and shaved parmesan. This salty, complex dressing is a match made in heaven with umami rich parmesan – and a perfect accompaniment to a simple roast chicken or a summer quiche.

Side salad with chicory, parsley, celery and shaved parmesan

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