Creamy all-purpose dressing: 1 Dressing, 6 Ways


Dress up for summer with this creamy all-purpose dressing and add some serious zing to your meals! Easy to make, this versatile dressing can be stored in the fridge for up to 5 days, ready to dress up an assortment of dinners throughout the week.

This summer, we’re making it our mission to help everyone rediscover the joy of eating at home by dressing up simple, healthy meals with tasty homemade dressings. Here in our blog, we’ll be showing you how 1 resourceful dressing can dress up 6 different meals – and we’ll be sharing even more ideas on our social pages! Follow @Aspallvinegar for regular doses of inspiration then make sure you share your most gorgeously dressed up plates with us too with the hashtag #DressUpForSummer.

Dressing #2: Creamy all-purpose dressing

Creamy all purpose dressing

This time, we’re putting a creamy, tangy and multitalented all-purpose dressing in the spotlight. Think of this one as a cross between a Caeser and a Ranch, with the punchiness of fresh chives. The creaminess comes from thick Greek yoghurt, while our cyder vinegar, combined with a little mustard powder and fresh garlic, provides its delectable tang. To make it, just add all your chopped and measured ingredients to a bowl and give them a good whisk. Then, if you’d like to store your dressing for up to 5 days, pour it into a spotlessly clean, dry jar and stow it away in the fridge. Our recipe makes 360 ml so if you want to enjoy it for several days, just scale up the recipe to make sure you’ve got enough!
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Monday: Drizzle your dressing over a summer veggie Caesar salad with romaine lettuce, smoky chickpeas, monster sourdough croutons and cherry tomatoes, topped with a soft-boiled egg.

Summer veggie caesar salad

Tuesday: Enjoy supper on a slice the fresh and tasty way with a coarse mackerel pâté open sandwich with red wine vinegar pickled shallots and watercress.

Coarse mackerel pate open sandwich

Wednesday: Toss grated beetroot, shredded red cabbage and finely sliced red onion around in your dressing for a speedy, bright and bold pink slaw that goes brilliantly with grilled or barbecued fish.

Pink slaw

Thursday: Use up your leftover dressing or make a fresh batch for a classic cobb salad with chopped romaine lettuce, chicken breast, crispy bacon bits, blue cheese, cherry tomatoes, avocado and boiled egg.

Cobb salad

Friday: Get the #Fridayfeeling with loaded potato skins. Scoop out the flesh from some jacket potatoes and mash it up with a few tablespoons of dressing and some grated cheddar cheese. Pop the mixture back into skins and crisp them up for 10-15 minutes then serve them with lots of extra dressing on the side and a fresh green salad.

Loaded potato skins

The weekend: For a romantic dinner for two or a summery Sunday lunch, add a tablespoon of chopped, fresh tarragon to the dressing to make it a winning partner for golden roast chicken with new potatoes and steamed asparagus. Serve it as a sauce at the table for guests to help themselves or spoon it over a platter of carved roast chicken with a scattering of fresh herbs.

Roast chicken with seasonal vegetables

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