Dress Up for Summer with our 4 Favourite Homemade Dressings

Four dressings, limitless possibilities… Mix up these four flavour-packed dressings to enjoy dressed-up dinners all summer long!

Here at Aspall Vinegar, we know nothing completes a meal like a heavenly homemade dressing created with natural, quality ingredients. But that doesn’t mean you have to make a new dress-ing every evening. Dressings can be stored in clean jars in the fridge for several days or up to a month, ready to dress up a summer salad one day and pasta, meat, fish or something else entirely the next!
To help you on your way, we’ve created four low-effort high-flavour dressings that are designed to see you right through the week, providing the perfect finish for weekend and special occasion meals as well as simple but satisfying weeknight suppers.

Each dressing recipe is accompanied by three recipes for meals you can make with it plus additional suggestions you might like to try. And these are just a starting point! Follow @Aspallvinegar on social for more ideas – and let us see yours too! Tag us and use the hashtag #DressUpForSummer to share your beautifully dressed up plates.

Dressing #1: Roasted pine nut & caper vinaigrette

Roasted pine nut dressing and platters of food

Made with Aspall classic white wine vinegar, this dressing is punchy and flavoursome with a chunky, nutty texture. The recipe includes some finely chopped anchovy but is still delicious if you leave it out for a vegan version with a few more pine nuts and capers. See the dressing recipe >

With a jar in the fridge, this hot pasta salad with flash-fried courgettes, tomatoes, garlic & oregano can be on the table in 20 minutes flat. A day or two later, this versatile vinaigrette can add the finishing touches to a freekeh salad with roasted shallots, red chilli, feta & parsley. Serve it as a main course or, if you’ve got some leftover the following day, as a side dish with roasted cod, cauliflower and crispy kale, with black olives & sultanas.

This dressing is also delicious over fresh burrata with herbs, a tomato salad and hunks of warmed sourdough. Or use it to dress the ultimate side salad with chicory, parsley, celery and shaved parmesan.

Dressing #2: Creamy all-purpose dressing

Creamy all purpose dressing in a bowl

Creamy and tangy with a light onion note from fresh chives, this moreish and versatile dressing can be used like a Ceasar or Ranch dressing or as an accompaniment to hot meals. See the recipe >

This dressing is the crowning touch for our epic summer veggie Caesar salad with romaine lettuce, smokey chickpeas, monster sourdough croutons, cherry tomatoes and a soft-boiled egg. It’s also the secret weapon behind a great-tasting coarse mackerel pâté open sandwich with red wine vinegar pickled shallots and watercress – and the creaminess and tanginess within this bright pink slaw.

We love it with classic cobb salads too, made with romaine lettuce, chicken breast, crispy bacon bits, blue cheese, cherry tomatoes, avocado and egg. Or mashed into jacket potato flesh and rebaked for irresistible loaded skins.

Dressing #3 Sweet chilli red wine vinaigrette

Sweet chilli vinaigrette in a jar

Made with Aspall classic red wine vinegar; this sweet and tangy dressing is vegan and fat free. Keep a jar in the fridge for up to a month to add a little chilli heat and ginger warmth to a huge range of meals. See the dressing recipe >

Toss it through a tasty wild rice salad with miso-roasted tofu & broccoli, edamame and mint then mash raspberries in it to create crushed raspberry & goats’ cheese bruschetta with roasted hazelnuts. Or use it to dress a sweet & fiery crab cocktail salad with baby gem, avocado, and cucumber, which makes a superb alfresco summer lunch with fresh, crusty bread.

It’s also superb with a roasted halloumi and rainbow vegetable salad and drizzled over egg-fried rice.

Dressing #4: Wholegrain mustard dressing

Wholegrain mustard vinaigrette in a jar

This thick and tasty dressing combines punchy mustard flavours with the tang of cyder vinegar and a touch of sweetness thanks to the honey (or, if you’d prefer a vegan version, maple syrup). See the recipe >

Whether you’re hosting a barbecue, garden party or just fancy something delicious for your lunch, this dressing creates a mouthwatering summer potato salad with peas, spring onions and shaved radish. Use it to finish a flavourful beetroot & feta salad with rosemary, honey & chilli caramelised walnuts, then try it mixed through lentils and added to vegetables and pork chops before and during roasting to enjoy roasted pork chops, apples and sage with wholegrain mustard lentils vinaigrette.

It’s also perfect for celeriac remoulade or a smoked mackerel Caeser salad with chicory, sour-dough & olive oil croutons, flaked smoked mackerel, thinly sliced red onion, chives and a soft-boiled egg.